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17 Places to See in Warsaw Old Town

Varşova Eski Şehir

Of course, one of the most important places to see when you come to Warsaw or even Poland is the Old City of Warsaw, which awaits its visitors with its dramatic story in the Second World War.

2. Dünya Savaşı Sonrası Varşova
Warsaw Old Town : 1945

My advice to you, which is also valid for many other cities, is to visit this region with a guide. If you don’t have a guide or you want to know what to see before traveling with a guide, the full list is below. 🙂

UNESCO World Heritage Site

Located in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Warsaw Old Town (Stare Miasto), the Warsaw Tourism Office (Stołeczne Biuro Turystyki) prepared the “Warsaw, What a history!” 17 places listed in the booklet.

Places to See in Warsaw Old Town

  1. The Royal Castle

    The Royal Castle in Warsaw

  2. Sigismund’s Column

    Sigismund's Column

  3. The Gothic Bridge

    The Gothic Bridge

  4. St. John’s Archcathedral

    St. John's Archcathedral

  5. Church of the Gracious Mother of God

    Church of the Gracious Mother of God

  6. Kanonia

    Kanonia Warsaw

  7. Gnojna Góra

    Gnojna Góra

  8. The Literature Museum

    The Literature Museum Warsaw

  9. Stone Steps

    Stone Steps

  10. Statue of the Mermaid

    Statue of the Mermaid Warsaw

  11. UNESCO Plaque

    UNESCO Plaque Warsaw

  12. St. Martin`s Church

    St. Martin`s Church Warsaw Old Town

  13. Pharmacy Museum

    Museum Pharmacy Warsaw Old Town

  14. Statue of Jan Kiliński

    Statue of Jan Kiliński

  15. Statue of the Little Insurgent

    Statue of the Little Insurgent

  16. The Barbican

    The Barbican Warsaw Old Town

  17. Maria Skłodowska-Curie Museum

    Maria Skłodowska-Curie Museum Warsaw Old Town

Generally, the excursion route for the Old City starts from the Royal Palace and ends in The Barbican. As you continue to progress, you have the chance to see the house of two Nobel laureates, Maria Skłodowska-Curie, which has been converted into a museum.

Varşova Old Town`da Görülebilecek 16 Yer

16 Places to See in Warsaw Old Town


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